Eco Coollid-Bio | Case of 7 Combo Bags of 20ct | 16oz | Insulated Ripple Wall Cups and Spill Proof & Burn Proof Lids

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Product Description:
Eco Coollid-Bio products are Spill Proof & Burn Proof Biodegradable 20ct | 16oz Coffee Cups & Lids that are Landfill Friendly. No more Burning your mouth, Spilling Coffee while on-the-go/driving.
Eco Coollid-Bio is made in PP with Eco One organic material that is Landfill friendly Biodegradable as well as Recyclable.
Additional Information
  • UPC: 850014757304
  • Brand Name: Coollid
  • Pack: 7
  • Selling Unit: Case
  • Unit Size, Volume, or Weight: 16 oz
  • Flavor, Type or Color: Eco Coollid-Bio 20ct Combo Bag 16oz Spill Proof &Burn Proof Coffee Cups and Lids
  • MSRP: 69.23
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