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Small batch Vietnam chili sauce

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Our Story

Mẹ’s Way is founded by Chau Tonnu, a first generation Vietnamese American. Immigrated to the U.S at the age of seventeen along with her family, Chau holds many precious memories of Vietnam. From eating street foods with friends, to biking to school under the crimson shades of phượng vĩ (royal poinciana). These memories of her formative years and her experiences as an adult living in the U.S led her wanting to share a piece of Vietnamese culture through what she knows best, the language of food.

Mẹ’s Way is committed to our values of heritage and quality. Unique to Huế, Vietnam our chili sauce recipe is passed down three generations from mothers to daughters. Each jar is made in small batches by hand, with carefully picked ingredients and little-to-no preservatives.

Our sauce is dedicated for all the foodies, spice lovers, and generations of Vietnamese folks, young and old, living in the U.S wanting a taste of home.

Our Name

Mẹ means mom in Vietnamese, and as our name sake suggests, this sauce was made using our mother’s recipe, her way.
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