Ricola Cough Drop - Honey Lemon - 19 Count - Case of 12

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Product Description:
Ricola honey lemon lozenge is a product of switzerland. every package of this product has 19 lozenge drops. active ingredients in these drops include menthol, cough suppressant and oral anesthetic. inactive ingredients include echinacea extracts, honey and a ricola herb mixture of elder, horehound, hyssop, lemon balm, linden flowers, mallow, pepper-mint, sage, thyme and wild thyme.
in each drop;menthol;3.5 mg purpose cough suppressant;oral anesthetic;ascorbic acid;vitamin c;citric acid;extracts of echinacea and a ricola herb mixture;elder;horehound;hyssop;lemon balm;linden flowers;mallow;peppermint;sage;thyme;wild thyme;honey;lemon juice concentrate;natural flavors;starch syrup;sugar
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  • UPC: 036602311954
  • Brand Name: Ricola
  • Organic
  • Pack: 12
  • Selling Unit: Case
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