UNFI Returns, Claims and Refund Policies

These policies only apply to products and orders fulfilled by UNFI through the UNFI Easy Options website. For products fulfilled by Community Marketplace sellers, please view the seller’s page for additional details.


UNFI will honor claims for a limited period and for specific reasons as set forth herein. UNFI does not accept returns or refunds for buyer’s remorse.

Claims must be submitted within 15 calendar days from the delivery date. For items that the carrier marks as lost or damaged in transit or return to sender, claims must be submitted within 30 calendar days from the order date.


Types of Claims

Shortage: In the event that you are mistakenly billed for an item that was not received, we will process a shortage claim to reimburse your account. Claims for products billed but not received are subject to review and verification.

Mis-Picks: If you receive the wrong product, you will need to provide the UPC number from the item you did receive. We will process a claim to reimburse your account. Claims for wrong product shipped are subject to review and verification.

Purchaser’s Remorse: All sales are final. Return or refunds due to buyer’s remorse will not be issued or accepted.

Undelivered Packages: UNFI will issue a refund for lost in transit shipments that are not delivered to the destination. UNFI will not issue a refund for packages where a delivery confirmation has been received from the shipping carrier. Distributor does not utilize Signature Delivery service.

Expired: All claims for expired inventory must be accompanied with the Expiration Date from the items you received. In accordance with UNFI policy, UNFI will not issue a refund for expired merchandise if the order was shipped within 30 or more days from the “best by” date. UNFI guarantees a minimum shelf life of 30 days.

Damaged: All damage claims must be accompanied by a digital photograph and details about the damage. Claims for damaged product are subject to review and verification.

Shipping Melt Risk: UNFI is not responsible for products that may melt in transit such as, but not limited to, chocolate bars, deodorant, lip balm or gummy vitamins. UNFI does not ship with ice packs or any special packaging to cool the products in transit. Customer is advised to not buy any items at risk of melting in transit between May 1st and October 1st.

Product Defect: UNFI will issue a refund for defects such as missing safety seal or no label. All defect claims must be accompanied by a digital photograph and details about the defect. Claims for defects are subject to review and verification. Quality complaints due to taste, touch or smell should be reported to the manufacturer.

Inaccurate Image/Description due to Packaging Change: UNFI is not responsible for refunds due to a manufacturer visual packaging change, nor representation of new product labeling where the image or product description does not reflect the exact visual package shipped. If the UPC number is the same as the product represented on UNFIEasyOptions.com, the claim will not be honored.

Marketplace Sellers
We make no representation or guarantee that Customer will be able to sell through all products purchased. Customer is responsible for the movement of any inventory purchased. Distributor will not accept products for return that Customer is unsuccessful in selling. Customer should ensure it is ungated and approved for Food and Beverage, Dietary Supplements, and Cosmetics before placing any orders for products that Customer intends to resell on Amazon or any other online marketplace. Customer is responsible for determining if any restrictions or conditions exist on any online marketplace and is solely responsible for adherence to any conditions thereto.

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